Juarez mayor: We will not tolerate criminal acts from migrants


Mayor Armando Cabada warned this week that his administration will not tolerate criminal acts on the part of Central and Cuban immigrants who are in his city awaiting asylum hearings in the United States.

This, after local press reports linked Cubans and Ecuadorians to recent drug arrests.

“We do not tolerate these acts on the part of our own citizens and we will not tolerate them from those who are here from other countries,” said Cabada at a press conference.

The mayor urged the new arrivals to stay away from organized criminal gangs, who are always on the lookout for new recruits. “Just keep in mind recent events; these gangs are always fighting and killing off each other,” he said, referring to recent execution-style murders in his city.

Cabada said his administration has spent more than $4 million since January in housing, food and security for local immigrant shelters.

He also said maquiladoras and other employers might be willing to recruit those with Mexican humanitarian visas, thus providing incentives for the migrants not to turn to criminal activities as a way to make money.

Further, with the anticipated arrival to Juarez of more deportees, the mayor said his city is preparing a contingency plan that includes utilizing sports gymnasiums throughout Juarez as temporary shelters.

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