Juarez fights crime by buying back guns


JUAREZ – The Mexican army and the business community are starting a gun buy-back program to curb crime in Juarez.

Since May 1st, the Army has set up a collection point near the entrance of Juarez City Hall, where people can turn in guns and rifles in exchange for cash. So far, the army has collected more than 150 weapons.

The amount of money paid out depends on the condition and caliber of the weapon. Typically, the Juarez Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) pays between 300 and 500 pesos ($16 to $27) for handguns and old rifles. The guns are disassembled or destroyed at the collection points.

Juarez officials say the point is to disarm as many residents as possible in order to reduce violent crime, which is a big problem in Juarez. Mexican gun laws are strict and citizens can only obtain guns through a permit, so officials figure most of the guns being turned in are illegal.

The guns are bought back with no questions asked.

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