JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – A series of high-end restaurants and sports bars are popping up in a business corridor stretching from near the old Pronaf area of Juarez to the Zaragoza International Bridge.

The corridor, known as Bulevar Gomez Morin, is Juarez’s bet to cater to visiting Mexican and U.S. visitors to the city.

“For the past few years, a series of well-planned, well-guarded restaurants, bars and nightclubs have established themselves along Gomez Morin,” said Juarez Chamber of Commerce President Rogelio Gonzalez. “It is a place where tourists can move about in a safe environment and where police and traffic officers have strict orders to assist visitors, not to bother them.”

Some of the attractions along Gomez Morin include places like Ardeo, where Europe-trained chefs run the kitchens and businesses host events with visiting Michelin Star-winning chefs.

“We just designed this late lunch for all the people from Juarez and El Paso in association with ‘Amor por Juarez,’ which is working really hard for almost 15 years to develop new markets here,” said Pablo Rivero, corporate chef for Great American Hospitality.  

Ardeo, operated by the owner of Great American, on Saturday is hosting a Mexican party with Michelin Star chef Carlos Gaytan.

Rivero, who was trained in London and Florence, Italy, said the goal is to bring the highest standards of food and service to a city that is ready to spend time at such establishments.

Juarez hoping to win over visitors with food offerings. (Roberto Delgado/Special for KTSM)

Chamber president Gonzalez said Juarez is also working to improve its medical tourism, which dipped during the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the goal is to offer specialized care catering to Mexican and U.S. visitors.

“We have bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, bone specialists and we’re trying to expand heart surgery but we are a bit short on cardiologists to cover the demand. That is in addition to the large number of dental and optical services we are known for,” he said.