In Juarez: Cuban Migrants flood Juarez, car shop slaying marks 57 murders in May



According to officials in our sister city, more Cuban migrants are trying to get into the U.S. through the U.S. – Mexico border than ever before. The surge over the past several months has been fueled in part by loosened travel restrictions in Central America and deteriorating living conditions in Cuba. 

Juarez officials say about 4,500 Cubans are waiting in the city for U.S. Asylum interviews. The wait time is currently about five months. By contrast, back in February, the wait time was only a few days. 

As for how the Cubans are getting here, officials say many are flying to Panama or Nicaragua and then paying smugglers to get them close to El Paso. 


Chihuahua State Police are investigating the 57th murder in the month of May and the 527th murder in 2019. 

The most recent killing came on Tuesday when a man was gunned down inside his home in South Juarez. The home was also used as a car shop by the victim, who was identified by neighbors as 27-year-old Juan Carlos Albarran. 

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