Across Juarez: Man murdered, couple dies from carbon monoxide poisoning


JUAREZ, Mex. (KTSM) — A man was shot and killed in the small town of San Isidro, across from Socorro, this weekend in a violent attack. Juarez Municipal Police say the victim was identified as 23-year-old Fernando Carrillo.

Investigators say he was at his girlfriend’s house when several suspects forced their way into the home and killed him. A truck with Texas license plates was found at the scene, but it’s unclear how the vehicle is connected with the murder.

Also in Juarez, a couple was found dead inside their home in South Juarez. Investigators say they died by carbon monoxide poisoning. Police say the victims were a 52-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman.

According to Juarez Municipal Police, the couple had been drinking Saturday night and left the heat on inside their home. When relatives went to check on the couple, they found them dead inside the home.

KTSM’s Juarez reporter says a man also died of hypothermia in North Juarez early Sunday morning. His body was found on the street outside a store. The three deaths are the lastest connected to the colder weather.

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