Juarez carpenter builds dream tree house in one day


JUAREZ (KTSM) – For Salvador Armendariz, his dream had always been to have his own tree house.

Armendariz says he saw it as a fun project, but his great passion for nature led him to make an old elm part of his family.

“My husband…wanted the tree and in one day he built the house around it,” Armendariz’s wife, Dolores Parra Morales, said in Spanish. “He built the walls up and put on a roof.”

Dolores says her husband took advantage that she had gone to the pool, as he knew that she’d be there all day.

“I didn’t want to go, but he sent me anyway and in those 10 hours, he built this,” she said.

For the youngest member of the Armendariz family, living with a tree in his bedroom is just part of life — it had been there since he was born.

“I have been here for 16 years in the tree house,” Armendariz’s son, Joshua, said. “it doesn’t bother me, I see it as decoration.” 

One family friend said that at first, he didn’t understand what Armendariz wanted to do with the tree.

“I would see it and think, ‘he is crazy’ but he is a carpenter so I helped him to build the house,” Eduardo Guzman said.

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