EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Anthony, Texas, Mayor Benjamin Romero was arrested on Sunday and booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility on a continuing family violence charge.

He bonded out of jail on Tuesday evening, following his magistrate hearing.

The allegations read against Romero during his hearing allege that he grabbed the woman’s hair, she grabbed his hair back and that he then grabbed her from her legs and slammed her to the ground and then placed his forearm on her neck not letting her move, but did not impede her breathing.

Jail Magistrate Linda Estrada called Romero’s alleged actions “incredibly childish.”

“Incredibly childish, is what it sounds like, and these are serious charges now that you have been arrested for that you have been held on bond for,” Estrada said.

His bond conditions included a ban on contacting the woman under any circumstances. If he does, his bond will be revoked.

“No contact whatsoever means phone, email, text, social media, no contact whatsoever. She is going to be notified that this is what the court’s order is so should you happened to contact her for whatever reason the bond is going to get revoked,” Estrada said.

During the hearing, a previous incident involving Romero and the same women was brought up. This incident dates back to June of last year.

The clerk during the magistrate hearing read the affidavit from the first incident which was handled by the Anthony Police Department. Romero allegedly told the woman that he had already contacted the Anthony police chief and he said nothing was goingto happen when she threatened to call the police.

Anthony Councilman Shawn Weeks, now mayor pro tempore, says no one was aware of these incidents until Romero’s arrest on Sunday.

“We never knew about any of this until Sunday/yesterday morning. We knew he was arrested on Sunday but we didn’t know all the charges and then I can’t remember if it was Sunday evening of Monday morning. It’s sort of all a blur to me that we found out that it was a continuous family charge,” Weeks said.

Weeks adds that there will be a special town hall meeting at 6:30 p.m. Friday, regarding Romero.

“The way it works is the town council and mayor, we are elected officials. We’re not employees so we can’t be fired or suspended. Any disciplinary action or removal has to be through a town council meeting. We have to do a 72 hour written notice before we have a meeting,” said Weeks.

However, a town hall meeting was held on Tuesday, one person spoke about the mayor, defending him.

“If somebody was hospitalized I think it’s one thing but it just says hurt. Now there’s emotional hurt and there’s physical hurt. I think he’s got a lot of integrity intelligence. He’s a people person; he’s a communicator and he’s just got a lot of pluses,” said the man who got up to speak during public comment.

Another person at the town hall meeting speaking about his reaction to seeing the news that the mayor was arrested.

“I read an article so I really didn’t expect to see him,” said Eric Bradley. “I was surprised when I heard what happened.”

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