(KXAN) — What do Texas, noted author John Green and Blue Bell have in common? An affinity for Dr Pepper, it seems.

Blue Bell teamed up with Dr Pepper to release a new flavor. ‘Dr Pepper Float’ starts selling in stores on Thursday.

Blue Bell announced the flavor on Twitter early Thursday morning, after previously tweeting several teasers to the new flavor with hints on what it could be.

The ice cream company at first didn’t overtly say the flavor had anything to do with the soda, but the tweets led to speculation that it would be connected to Dr Pepper.

One of the hints Blue Bell tweeted included a video depicting a Dr Pepper-colored deep red can of soda being poured, with a caption reading, “The sound of 23 flavors.”

Dr Pepper, John Green’s favorite soda company, is a Texas-based company known for having 23 flavors packed into one soda.

Blue Bell is also a Texas-based company, headquartered in Brenham, which is between Austin and Houston.

So, it makes sense for the companies to collaborate, especially considering the love and popularity of ice cream floats. Plus, Whataburger, another Texas company, and Dr Pepper collaborated earlier this year to release a Dr Pepper milkshake at the fast food chain.

The flavor will be a “creamy vanilla ice cream swirled together w/Dr Pepper flavored sherbet,” according to the announcement.

I scream, you scream, John Green—a self-proclaimed “Dr Pepper simp” (the man even had a whole chapter in his book ‘The Anthropocene Reviewed‘ dedicated to Diet Dr Pepper)—probably screams, we all scream for Dr Pepper ice cream!

We reached out via Twitter to ask Green for his input on the new Blue Bell flavor, but we have yet to hear back.