LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A man accused of stabbing and killing another man after an altercation on a bus reportedly told an In-N-Out Burger security guard that his alleged victim “[expletive] deserved it,” according to police documents.

On Thursday, police arrested Emanuel Beccles, 31, on charges of open murder and violating his probation. Nexstar’s KLAS obtained video of the incident, showing the In-N-Out security guard ordering the suspect to the ground.

Emanuel Beccles faces charges of open murder and violating his probation. (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/KLAS)

Beccles was riding a bus with another man Thursday night when they got into an argument, officials with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said. Beccles and the man got into a physical altercation after getting off the bus near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Beccles stabbed the victim with a 10-inch knife, according to police.

At the same time, the security officer working at an In-N-Out across the street witnessed the stabbing, ran out, confronted the suspect and detained him, officials said.

Police identified the victim as Jeff Durroh.

According to police documents, the security guard said he had stepped out for a smoke break when he saw Beccles and Durroh fighting on the sidewalk. The security guard threatened to tase Beccles if he did not drop his knife, police said.

The guard then ordered the suspect to get on the ground, putting him in handcuffs until police arrived.

While on the ground, Beccles allegedly told the security guard, “He [expletive] deserved it. He antagonized me on the bus,” the documents said.

While being taken into custody, Beccles reportedly told officers, “Yeah, I stabbed that [expletive].”

Police investigate a homicide near UNLV on April 15, 2022. (KLAS)

As KLAS previously reported, documents indicate police arrested Beccles in February 2019 after he brandished a knife on a bus. A woman had called 911, claiming Beccles “[pulled] a knife on another passenger.”

“When the suspect noticed she was on the phone, he approached her, punched her and took her phone,” police said. Beccles also reportedly threw a rock at a bus window, breaking it.

Beccles was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay $2,300 back to the transit company after his attorney argued that he had a “consistent history of employment” and had not had “any criminal behavior in the last 15 years,” documents show.

Beccles violated his probation in June 2020, and a court hearing in December 2021 indicated his probation violation issue was unresolved after being postponed. That month, a judge ordered him to submit to a mental health evaluation. He was also not permitted to carry any weapons, including knives.

Beccles is being held without bail.