Illinois Judge locks child in a holding cell


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – An Illinois judge is placed on administrative duty as Cook County officials investigate why she locked up a child in a holding cell.

Judge Jackie Portman-Brown was seen on security video dragging a small, unidentified girl into a holding cell, and left her there.

From several different camera angles, Judge Portman-Brown can be seen dragging a little girl into an empty holding cell located behind her courtroom.

Still wearing her black robe, the judge leaves the cell, and a sheriff deputy is seen locking up the cell.

The child remains inside for about 10 minutes, and meanwhile, a Sherriff can be seen talking to the young girl in the cell.

The incident happened last week at the Leighton Criminal Court Building in Chicago, Illinois.

The legal community is outraged, especially since that specific holding cell is said to be extremely unsanitary from inmates who wait there for court.

Who the girl is or why she was locked up remains unknown.

Chief Judge Timothy Evans, reassigned Portman-Brown to administrative duty until an executive meeting is held on March 4.

The sheriffs involved have been de-deputized and are pending an internal investigation.

Portman-Brown is known at the courthouse for being an unconventional judge when she handles her daily call.

Under the rules for the Circuit Court, Portman-Brown could be facing internal discipline or could be referred to the Judicial Inquiry Board, which has the power to remove her from the bench.

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