LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A self-described Red Bull addict led Las Vegas police on a chase, which reached speeds of around 100 mph, after officers said she pepper-sprayed an employee during a robbery.

Police arrested Eugene Davis, 35; and Angela Sharp, 27, on Thursday, July 21, records showed.

On July 20, two employees at the Costco on Martin Luther King Boulevard near Alta Drive witnessed a woman, later identified as Sharp, steal a “shopping-cart full” of Red Bull cases, estimated to be worth about $100, police said. An employee attempted to intervene when Sharp threatened to pepper-spray her, police said.

A man, later identified as Davis, then got out of a car and dragged the cart full of Red Bull closer to the vehicle, police said. The woman then pepper-sprayed the employee. The two suspects then drove off.

Police obtained surveillance video of the incident, which showed the man was wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey, they said. An employee then told police the same suspects had stolen Red Bull from the store the week before.

In that case, about 25 cases of Red Bull, estimated to be worth about $2,500, were stolen, police said. In that incident, an employee had taken photos of the getaway car, police said.

The car appeared to be the same in both incidents, police said.

Police later learned about a third case that reportedly happened on July 14 at another Costco. In that case, a man matching the same description as the two other incidents was “acting suspiciously with a cartful of Red Bull cases, a Dell laptop computer, and a security camera,” police wrote in an arrest report.

The man attempted to leave the Costco with the merchandise through a side door, police said. When an employee approached him, the man reportedly said, “You want some of this?” and then hit the employee’s face with his elbow.

At one point during the altercation, the suspect reportedly “flashed a bit of something black,” saying, “I will blast you guys and shoot you,” police said. The suspect ran without stealing anything in that incident.

In a fourth incident, police learned on July 13, a man with the same description entered a business on Charleston and Valley View boulevards and stole 20 cases of Red Bull. When an employee confronted the suspect, he reportedly said, “Don’t approach me. I have a firearm. I will use it if you approach,” police said.

Last Thursday, an officer noted a car that matched the description of the one used in the robberies near Arville and Blue Diamond roads. The driver failed to stop for police and a chase ensued.

The driver, later identified as Sharp, reached speeds of around 100 miles per hour on the highway, police said. Sharp later stopped the car after about 15 minutes, parked it and both she and Davis got out.

Police found a Pittsburgh Steelers’ jersey matching the one seen in surveillance video near the car, police said. Police also found nearly 200 cans of Red Bull inside the car and trunk, they said.

While in custody, Sharp told police she was the suspect in one of the robberies. She said, “she did [it] because she is addicted to Red Bull.”

Davis faces charges of attempted robbery, burglary and robbery. He was being held Tuesday without bail due to a prior felony charge, records showed.

Sharp faces a charge of a driver disobeying a police officer and robbery. She was being held Tuesday on $25,000 bail.