I-10 closures cause heavy traffic on Mesa


While many people were expecting Mesa to be a nightmare because of the I-10 closure, some people say it wasn’t all that bad. Although it wasn’t quite bumper to bumper,  there were still many vehicles on Mesa throughout Sunday.

“It’s a nightmare i wish they could engineer it a little better,” says Jose Miramontes who’s a delivery man. Miramontes says the I-10 closures really didn’t mess up his routes, but he definitely had to start earlier. “They should have planned it better, do this at night instead of during the day.. right now it’s not bad.. i don;t know if it’s going to be like this tomorrow.”

Early Sunday TXDOT closed the Westside stretch of I-10. The closures included I-10 East between the Sunland Park overpass and the Executive Center overpass. Also two left westbound lanes. The only option for many residents traveling east was Mesa.

“The detours a little crazy, you know it seems like you’re going all through town you know cause we were downtown but we’re just trying to get back to our hotel. i guess if it works for you guys,” Charles Packard who was visiting El Paso says.

While the closures were meant so crews to demolish the U.S. 85 bridge, officers assisted TXDOT with programming the lights so that traffic flowed smoothly down Mesa.

“Overall i think people are pretty patient with us and they are going pretty slow, it’s working out, it is a sunday so that helps even better,” says officer Mirella Coggins.

Throughout Sunday there were a few lanes open on I-10 west, but as of 9 p.m.,  they are all closed until 5 a.m. Monday.

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