HOUSTON (KIAH) – Surveys show most resolutions are fitness related, but many end by February. Why is sticking with your New Year’s resolution so hard?

Sports Medicine physician, Laura Irvin, DO, says it may be a matter of better managing expectations so you can stick with your goals in the long-term.

“You don’t want to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. It’s not healthy for you. It’s typically not good weight loss, and it also typically doesn’t stay off. Something else to keep in mind is if your goal is to be stronger, you actually may not see a change on that scale because muscle weighs more than fat,” said Dr. Irvin.

She advised that your resolution should align with your interests. Hate running? Don’t make your goal a marathon.

And don’t forget to hydrate. If you don’t drink enough after working out. Your muscles can’t repair properly and the resulting soreness may make you want to quit.

Here in Texas, the most popular fitness class is yoga. That’s according to Google Trends. As for fitness trends, Redfin said bodybuilding is the most popular one in Texas. In surrounding states, acro yoga is the most popular fitness trend in Louisiana.