How many hours of sleep should you get every night


Getting enough sleep is important for anyone at any age. 

Dr. Gonzalo Diaz says children need at least 10 to 11 hours of sleep each night. If they do not, many will have a hard time focusing in school and may even act out.

He adds that a lack of sleep can lead to obesity in children. 

High school students need to sleep eight to nine hours every night to perform their best at school, according to Diaz.

For college students, he recommends seven to eight hours. Not enough sleep could impact their memory, weight, and immune systems.

“You have an internal clock that has to synchronize with your external clock, so we recommend to go to bed at a specific time…and wake up with the sunrise,” said Dr. Diaz. 

Staying up all night to study for an exam is not the best idea, according to Diaz. Getting an extra hour of sleep rather than an hour of studying could help many students in the long run.

“It’s well known that when you don’t sleep enough your short memory is gone…I think the students should study way before,” Dr. Diaz explains, “and on the day of the test, they need to go to bed on time and sleep seven hours so that their memory is there.”

He advises everyone to not change your sleeping schedule on the weekend.

Sleeping at different times on the weekend will make it difficult to sleep on Sunday night and harder to wake up on Monday morning. 

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