EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – The new school year has begun, and driving children to school Monday through Friday will eventually burn a whole in the pocket.

KTSM spoke with a local resident who works in East El Paso and while he owns an 8-cylinder vehicle, he says he would rather save a penny.

“I take the 4 cylinder and about 35 bucks to fill up my tank. Which doesn’t sound too bad, but going all the way to the east side, I got to do it about twice a week,” said Pedro Garcia.        

Gas prices continue to rise in the Sun City and Joshua Zuber from AAA Texas suggests driving at the posted speed limit can reduces fuel consumption.

“We’re at $3.77 for a gallon, regular and unleaded on average, according to AAA data. That is down from a week ago. We were $3.83 in El Paso. A year ago, we were paying 3.59 for a gallon for regular unleaded,” said Zuber.

To save time and money while driving kids to school and practice, Zuber recommends selecting the correct gasoline level, enrolling in rewards, and utilizing the AAA app for price comparison.

“Check your owner’s manual, most vehicles can run on regular fuel, so unless your vehicle says recommends or requires premium fuel, it’s not going to make any difference in the mileage that you get.”

Another tip to save on gas is driving methods. When approaching a red light or stop sign, take your foot off the gas early and allow your car to coast down to a slower speed until it is time to brake.

However, cruise control is excellent for saving fuel as well, but it is not safe on slippery roads.

To learn more about how you can save on gas all year round, click here and safe travels.

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