Horizon residents see drastic increases in water bills

HORIZON CITY, Texas (KTSM) - Residents in Horizon City, Texas say they have seen drastic increases in their water bills from the Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District known as Horizon MUD. 

Kira Eng, a homeowner in Horizon for the past 10 years, said her bill went from roughly $46 a month to now more than $300. 

Eng said, "They claim all this water went through my meter meaning that they're saying that I used this water there's only four people in this house two of them are small children there is no way I can see that we would be able to use $300 worth of water." 

She said she called Horizon MUD, showed up to the utility in person, and was told the jump in her bill was possibly due to a leak, for which Horizon MUD would not be responsible for fixing. 

Eng told KTSM she posted about her concern on social media and realized other neighbors were experiencing the same thing. 

"We're wondering, the people who posted on my thread, if they're trying to increase the bill to make up for the water they lost during these main water leaks," said Eng. 

According to Eng, she has not been able to find a leak. KTSM called MUD and shortly after employees from Horizon MUD showed up to Eng's home to check the issue. 

Horizon MUD would not talk to KTSM on camera. According to the employees, the cost of the recent main breaks does not get charged customers, it is paid for by the utility's maintenance and operation costs. 

The utility says although it's not their responsibility to fix a leak, it can check to see if that is what is causing the issue. 

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