EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Horizon City is growing, with businesses booming and more people moving to the area. 

Horizon City is currently undergoing a boom with dozens of businesses and homes being built. The Horizon Economic Development Corporation told KTSM they anticipate 8,000 homes will be built in the area.

“We’re going to see a lot of commercial, a lot of residential where the town of Horizon City has plans for expansion to grade our transit-oriented development here,” Eddie Garcia, executive director of the Horizon Economic Development Corporation, said. 

Garcia said they plan to see at least 10,000 new residents come to the area during a five-year span. 

“In Horizon City, we have over easily 90 businesses, uh, small businesses within the town of Horizon City. That doesn’t include what’s outside of the town of Horizon city, that is currently in the works. It’s growing and we’re going to continue to see our numbers grow here in Horizon.” Garcia said. 

The building boom also means the city will see more sales tax and property tax revenue.

A local business says the expansion of Horizon is great but they weren’t ready for the competition. 

“For us as a small business, because when we really opened, we were the only coffee shop, it’s kind of affected us, in the fact that now there’s going to be three Starbucks. There’s Dutch Bros and stuff like that,” Amber Garcia, owner of Ambers Coffee, said. 

Amber Garcia added that they still continue to gain new customers everyday. 

“You know easily over 30,000 people coming into the area,” Eddie Garcia said.

The Horizon Economic Development Corporation said they have plans to build a 30 acre regional sports park.