If you’re the driver of a Honda Odyssey, you’ll want to check your backseats.

According to a news release, Honda is voluntarily recalling approximately 800,000 Odyssey minivans for an issue with second-row seats.

The recall, which applies to model years 2011-2017, was initiated following reports of seats tipping forward after being adjusted or reinstalled.

Officials say the issue is due to improperly latching the seats, and will not happen if they are fastened correctly.

According to a statement, Honda has received 46 reports of minor injuries related to the issue. To ensure your family is safe, download this guide to confirm your second-row seats are securely latched.

According to Honda, mailed notifications will be sent to affected Odyssey owners in late December. To see if your vehicle is included in the recall, call (888) 234-2138 or click HERE.