EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – For students at UTEP, parking can be a challenge which has led many to park in residential areas.

UTEP Students who park in these residential areas say the parking at UTEP is too expensive and sells out quickly.

A parking permit at UTEP averages between $150 to $360 per year. According to UTEP, some lots are sold out but they say there’s still some availability in others. However, some students opt to find closer and less expensive parking off-campus.

“I feel like the parking on campus fills up pretty fast so its kind of hard to get like a secure spot and it’s also pretty expensive,” said Darielle De La Torre. “Over here it’s free, but sometimes it takes a while to look around and find a spot.”

Homeowners in the area say the Rim Road Homeowners Association is working on getting no parking signs for the area due to a large number of students parking in the area.

“The UTEP students used to park over in the Kern area. The Kern association was very effective in getting parking permits and enforcement in the Kern area,” said Rim Road Homeowner Jason Chapman. “Once that happened all these people migrated over here and it has become exponentially worse.”

The City of El Paso’s International Bridges Department says there are parking meters near UTEP not being used during the day. With the cities newly improved Park 915 App. Drivers can easily locate open meters and pay through the app.

“Some students are just looking for a parking space but with the app, they will be able to find open parking spaces that are available,” said Paul Stresow the Director of International Bridges. “Even though they have to pay for them, at least they’ll find a parking space, avoid a citation and avoid upsetting neighborhoods or blocking people’s driveways.”

The Park 915 App can help students find parking faster and avoid citations but UTEP says students have to become familiar with the campus and the parking regulations.

According to UTEP, its new parking garage will add approximately 750 parking spaces and hopes it will alleviate some of the parking issues by the fall of 2021.