EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Nationwide, thousands of people are in need of Plasma. The need is no different here in the Borderland, which is why health experts urge the borderland to donate.

“One of those medicines is used in trauma or in surgery. It is also used to help with certain liver diseases. We also have a medicine that helps treat people immune system that does not properly work,”

Senior Director of Corporate Affairs Vlasta Hakes specializes in producing medicines out of plasma, collected from donor centers like Talecris Plasma Resources in El Paso.

“Plasma is turned into several medicines and one of those medicines is used in trauma or in surgery, it contains protein and anti-bodies that help our bodies function. So when somebody is missing these proteins or antibodies, they can have life threatening conditions.

Hakes says at every single donation center they check for temperature, blood pressure, protein levels and weight. He add that the standards for donation are pretty straightforward, with the weight limit of 110 pounds and the age range from 18 to 65 years old.

“You can donate up to twice a week. When you donate plasma. Plasma is mostly water, your bodu quickly genrates plasma, so it is a great opportuniy to give back more often,”

To start donating today go to Grifols Plasma when you click here.

El Paso Talecris Plasma Resources locations:

  • 3515 Alameda Avenue
  • 720 Texas Avenue
  • 8500 Dyer Street, Space 25
  • 4710 Alabama Street
  • 500 N. Carolina Drive, Unit B
  • 8631 North Loop Drive