Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants to make the ban on texting and driving the same for all the cities across the state. The Texas Tribune reports that this is one of his priority items for this summer’s special legislative session. 

El Paso has already prohibited drivers from using their phone since 2010, when the city passed an ordinance banning texting and driving while behind the wheel.

Last Tuesday, Governor Abbott signed House Bill 62 into law, making Texas the 47th state to have a statewide texting and driving ban.

According to the Texas Tribune, Abbott wants to pass a law during next month’s special legislative session that would block local governments from passing any regulation of mobile devices in cars.

The Tribune says this would impact cities like El Paso, San Antonio, and Austin, where strict mobile regulations are already in place. 

House Bill 62 goes into effect on September 1st, and the special legislative session begins July 18th.