EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Governor Greg Abbott was in El Paso on November 1, just one week before election day. Abbott speaking at The Riviera Cocina and Cantina at 5218 Doniphan Dr.

Election Day is on November 8, and Abbott is facing Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke who is a native El Pasoan.

According to Abbott’s campaign, Tuesday’s visit is the incumbent’s 8th visit to the Sun City this calendar year.

Abbott’s main focus during his campaign has been border security, and he continued down that path while speaking to borderland residents, blaming President Joe Biden for the current situation at the southern border.

“Do you know that the United Nations has declared that the border between the U.S. and Mexico is the deadliest border in the entire world, that happened under Joe Biden’s watch. And we’re tired of it in Texas and that’s why Texas has done stuff no other state has done, why Texas is building its own border wall,” said Abbott as the crowd cheered.

He went on to talk about his busing of migrants to New York and Washington D.C. Saying the reason he sent migrants to Washington D.C. is because it’s a sanctuary city.

“They said they wanted to do this but as soon as they got a couple hundred migrants they crushed and they crumbled and they cried because they couldn’t take what they were having to deal with, and the same thing happened with New York City,” said Abbott.

Other topics Abbott discussed included the economy and property taxes, speaking about the states Surplus Budget crediting the oil industry for it.

“Let me tell you a buy product of our great economy, our economy is doing so well, as we gather tonight in El Paso, Texas as a surplus of 27 billion dollars,” said Abbott.

Abbott said his plan with that 27 million is for education, healthcare but also to cut property taxes for Texans.

Abbott did not make himself available to reporters for questions.

His challenger O’Rourke meeting with voters in the Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday.

The last time KTSM 9 News interviewed O’Rourke it was at a campaign rally at the University of Texas at El Paso. During that interview O’Rourke explained his plan for immigration.

“Things like a Texas-based guest worker program or addressing family reunification or ensuring that the wait time for an asylum seeker to adjudicate their claim is not 6 years but 6 months or 6 weeks,” O’Rourke said on October 11 at a campaign event at UTEP.