EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) Gadsden Independent School District announced Sunday night that it would taking action and implementing some new security measures after Chaparral High School received a threat through social media on Saturday.

On Monday afternoon the Gadsen ISD Superintendent said they were given the all clear by law enforcement and that law enforcement had made contact with the person who made the threat however the Superintendent would not say if it was a student of not.

The Superintendent did say about 50 percent of students in the Chaparral area did not attend school on Monday.

Meanwhile, there was a heightened presence of law enforcement on campus.

“Dona Ana County, New Mexico State Police and even Otero county we even had some off duty border patrol agents who volunteered their time. Chaparral high school and I can say was probably today the safest place you could ever be,” said Travis Dempsey, the Gadsen ISD Superintendent.

The threat specifically target the Chaparral High School Football team. “All of the football guys are going to die, and I will make sure of it,” read part of the threat that included a countdown to a “shooting”.

“Any threat were going to take seriously, this one, in particular, was very specific and so that concerned us and we felt like you know we had to take some extreme precautions to make sure everyone was safe,” said Dempsey.

Chaparral High had classes on Monday but took the following precautions: students were not allowed to have bags or backpacks; no Halloween costumes allowed; all doors to each classroom and the school remained locked; afterschool activities for Monday were canceled; and additional counselors were assigned at the campus to work with any student who wanted to or needs to talk.

In addition to those procedures, additional district-level administrative personnel were on campus for support.

During class, students were discouraged from leaving for the restroom or other needs. If a student needed to leave during class time, they were be escorted.

Any parent keeping their child home from school was asked to contact Chaparral High’s attendance office to have the absence excused.

Chaparral High School administration has been cooperating with the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office since it received the threat.