Fort Bliss Major General addresses his second state of the military


The alliance between Fort Bliss and the community was addressed in the annual State of the Military.

The event was hosted by the El Paso Chamber of Commerce at the Centennial Banquet and Conference Center in Fort Bliss.

Major General Patrick E. Matlock held his first State of the Military last year only forty days into the job. Now with more than a year under his belt, he said the message to the community is clear.

“The state of the military is strong and the state of the relationship of Fort Bliss and the greater El Paso community is better than it has ever been,” Major General Matlock said.

Matlock’s address highlighted missions performed by its brigades.

According to Matlock, a major change the post will undergo is a conversion of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, “Our 1st Brigade Combat Team will convert from a striker infantry brigade to an armored brigade combat team. This year long conversion will involve the transfer of hundreds of soldiers and thousands of pieces of equipment. It will culminate with the combat training center rotation and then a  nine-month deployment to Korea early in 2021.” 

As they prepare for more deployments, they’re also ready to welcome thousands of soldiers returning home.

Matlock said nearly 80,000 soldiers prepare for deployment at Fort Bliss or return from deployment through Fort Bliss.

The Major General’s three main focuses for this upcoming year will be the post’s training area, deployment facility and the quality of life for the soldiers and their families.

“We just need to keep getting better, keep working hard on our military training, keep improving the relationship with the city. There’s nothing but good things in front of us,” Matlock said.

Major General Matlock is expected to be in command for one more year. 

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