EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Former Social Security Administrator Manager, Ed Weir, is helping people earn their government benefits through his YouTube channel.

With several scams and misinformation out there, it sparked Dr. Weir to reach out to his audience with YouTube and cover Social Security, Medicare and Affordable Care Act topics. He goes step by step on how to file for retirement, divorce benefits, disabilities, monthly security check, as well as scams helping thousands of people across the nation.

“I noticed some of the material out there that they covered on their YouTube. They’re not really experts and they don’t understand the exceptions. There’s actually, I hate to say, an educational institution company out there that gives you a couple of days of training on all things of Social Security and Medicare, and then they give you their certification that says you’re a social security expert,” said Dr. Weir.

Former SSA shared a few recommendations that people can find on his YouTube channel including the following:

  • The best way you can check you earning records is by going to SSA.gov. Plus, it will be harder for someone to hack into your account.
  • If you are military affiliated, have your DD-214 when it comes down to filing.
  • As for Medicare, check your SSA.gov account if you think your Medicare number has been stolen.

“A few years ago, Social Security changed people’s Medicare card. It used to have your social security number, which was always kind of ironic since Social Security said to not carry your social security card number around because someone can steal it. But then they put the social security number on the Medicare card, and they have since they fixed that, and now you get a unique identifier on your Medicare card,’ claimed Dr. Weir.

Dr. Weir also includes information for monthly disable and retirement benefits.

You can check Dr. Weir YouTube channel here, and his most watched video “How to calculate how much you are missing in your social security check“.

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