EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)- The Desert Spoon Food Hub (DSFH), a leader in promoting food equity and sustainability within the El Paso food system, announced the opening of the first nonprofit grocery store in the region, Spoon Flower Grocery.

The store, which is located at 1714 E. Yandell, Suite B., offers fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as other healthy food options and pantry samples.

The hub co-founders Vanessa Brady, Adriana Clowe and Patsy Stallworth received a grant from El Paso County Healthy Food Financing Initiative to establish the grocery in 2020.

Additionally, the American Heart Association is said to be a valued partner in the success of the newly grocery store.

“We received funding from various partners to support the development of a micro-grocery store in an area of El Paso that has been historically underserved.” said Patsy Stallworth, co-founder of the DSFH, “now that we are open, the neighborhood has a grocery store close by and for many, within walking distance from their home.”

The nonprofit also offers “Double Up Food Buck,” which is a healthy food incentive program to promote greater access to fruits and vegetables, benefits for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients.

“Everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food and farmers/producers should be able to earn a livable wage from their meaningful work,” said Clowe, “Spoon Flower Grocery is the start of closing the gap we know to exist and is an important piece towards creating a more equitable food system for our community.”

SNAP recipients will also get 50% off for buying fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables at the store.

“The grocery store is open to everyone and is one component of a larger food system project that includes supporting local farmers and making their produce and fruits available to all consumers,” Brady added.