Father of boy found in Juarez seeking custody


“Im here to fight for my son”, says Jorge Luis Mendez.

Mendez says the boy is named Luis Jorge Mendez. In February, Luis was found in Juarez, investigators believed he had ties to the United States because he spoke and understood English. Police later asked for the publics help to identify the boy and that’s when the Mendez came into town from Albuquerque.

Mendez says the boys mother started avoiding him, even going as far as changing her address and phone number so that nobody could contact her. 25-year-old Ruby Esmeralda Gonzalez was arrested after police say she called to report the boy as kidnapped after seeing his pictures on the news. Mendez says he can’t believe she would say that when for months she pretended the boy was doing well.

Mendez says he has collected all the documents that prove he’s Luis’ dad and he will be going to Juarez to try and gain custody.

“I came here for him and I’m not leaving without him”, says Mendez.

Rather than abandoning the young child, Mendez says he wishes Gonzalez would have just given Luis to him. As he fights to gain custody of his son, Mendez send this message to all mothers:

“There is no reason big enough to justify abandoning your own child”.

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