ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- An Odessa man originally charged with injuring his son has now been charged with Capital Murder.

Kameron Gammage, 23, was arrested July 12 after his 8-month-old son, Logan Pierson, was found dead with swelling and bruising to his face and head. The baby’s mother, Leyla Pierson, 18, has also been charged in connection with the baby’s death; she is facing one count of injury to a child by criminal negligence.

The parents called 911 on Tuesday after they discovered their baby wasn’t breathing. According to an affidavit, the baby was dead by the time helped arrived.

Gammage told investigators on July 9, he smoked marijuana and later tried to play with his crying infant to get him to stop crying. He said he threw Logan into the air several times and “accidently” dropped him on about the fourth toss. He claimed Logan hit the floor “hard” and that the bruising and swelling soon followed. He said he didn’t tell the baby’s mother what happened because he was afraid of getting in trouble. 

Pierson told investigators she noticed the bruising on July 9 but didn’t seek medical care for the child. She claimed Gammage said the baby hit his head on the crib and left it at that. She said following the July 9th incident, the baby became “more fussy” than usual and she thought the fussiness was from teething.

Logan’s aunt, Brittany Pruitt, said in an interview Wednesday she was shocked by the sudden loss of her nephew.

“I am just shocked,” she said. “I’m very angry right now and I’m very confused. Kameron and Leyla, they could have called me; I just don’t understand.”

She said Logan was her “whole world” and said she hopes he gets “justice”

“He was an innocent little baby,” she said. “He didn’t deserve anything he went through. I just…I hope the justice for Logan…I hope he gets what he deserves.”

Leyla was released from jail Thursday on a $5,000 bond. Gammage remained behind bars on an initial bond of $350,000. There is no word yet on if that bond will increase along with the enhanced charge.