EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Three men were arrested and charged with murder after the death of a 32-year-old man on Tuesday, June 6 in the Upper Valley. KTSM has obtained multiple court documents that show what led up to his death.

According to court documents, Raul Orozco, 53, told investigators he saw a Chrysler 300 pass by his home several times that day and believed the vehicle may have been the same one that crashed into his mailbox a month prior.

Raul Orozco told investigators that he followed the Chrysler from his home onto Doniphan Drive while he tried to get the license plates. He told investigators that he called his son Jose Orozco, 28, stating that the Chrysler was in the area and asked where they were, according to court documents.

Raul Orozco told investigators that his son Jose said they were “down the street” and then hung up the phone.

The Chrysler then reportedly slammed its brakes, which is when Raul Orozco “struck the Chrysler 300 with his truck,” according to court documents.

The driver of the Chrysler, Marcos Fino Jr. then exited his vehicle and approached Raul Orozco. At the same time, Orozco’s sons arrived and placed their vehicle in front of the Chrysler. Raul Orozco told investigators that he saw both of his sons fight with Fino Jr. and his male passenger.

Raul told investigators he heard a gunshot go off which is when they all fled the scene and contacted police from a different location.

KTSM also obtained the arrest affidavit for the man who allegedly fired a gun, killing Marcos Fino Jr.

Jose Orozco, 28, told investigators that he did have a handgun on his person and confirmed his father called him and told him about the Chrysler. Jose Orozco told investigators he was in the passenger seat of his brother’s car, Cristian Orozco, 21, when they saw their father behind a Chrysler in the middle of Doniphan.

Jose Orozco told investigators that they blocked Fino Jr.’s vehicle and were going to confront him. He continued to tell investigators that he “chambered a live cartridge into his firearm and holstered the handgun, inside his waistband, which was in plain view” and that he “did not know what was going to happen and needed to be ready,” according to court documents.

Jose Orozco said they confronted Fino Jr. and his male passenger and insults were exchanged which led to a physical altercation. He told investigators that while he was fighting Fino Jr., he reached for his handgun. Jose Orozco then wrestled for control of the handgun and the gun fired once striking Fino Jr., according to court documents.

On the morning of Wednesday, June 7, Raul, Cristian, and Jose Orozco were arrested and taken to the El Paso County Detention Facility. All three men were charged with murder.

Cristian and Raul’s bonds were set at $500,000 and Jose’s bond was set at $1 million.