EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A group of women is playing in their own league of “Fantasy Football” as NFL season starts.

The game that has been sexualized as a “men’s game” has been changing over the past years when women started to get involved.

One group of El Pasoans have been trying their hand at the game, this group is all women.

“We decided to get together and actually do a draft because every single Sunday we were together, we were watching football and we didn’t really have, like, any stake in the game. All of the husbands or boyfriends or whatever was watching, and we decided that we wanted to get involved,” Amanda Middleton, a league participant said.

The women told KTSM they have a draft party before the NFL season starts.

When it’s time to draft that’s when they choose what players they want for their “made-up” team.

“You’ve got two minutes to draft each time that it comes up to be your pick and you’re going through a list of players. It should be about 12 positions in our league, and then from there you go sneak back so that it’s fair back from 12 to one fantasy is going to last the term of the football season,” Gizelle Silerio, a league participant said.

Middleton said their group has elevated their game for the second year in a row.

“It’s definitely not just a men’s game anymore because just from the one year that we got involved, we all started learning. So, this is going to be interesting because it started off just kind of for fun and now, we realize the reason why everybody plays,” Middleton said.

Silerio advised those ladies who just started playing Fantasy Football or to those who may be thinking about it.

“Just go for it. Don’t be intimidated by the whole idea that this is something that’s just for dudes, or it’s just something that you have to know so much about football to get involved in. It’s a lot of strategy, but it’s also a lot of luck,” Silerio said.

Overall, Silerio and Middleton said it’s about having fun and talking a good game to one another, and of course, winning.