EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Don Carbon an El Paso owned and operated restaurant just opened its seventh location in just seven years.

It’s well known as the restaurant with the logo of a chicken hanging upside down. The newest location can be seen off of I-10 at the McRae Exit in East El Paso.

“Sometimes the waiters come back and say, ‘that table is asking if you can explain why the chicken is upside down’ I’m like, I don’t have an explanation. I don’t even know how that happened,” said Tania Peregrino the Co-Founder of Don Carbon.

Tania Peregrino is just 26 years old and is the co-founder, marketing director, and brand creator. All the artwork in the seven locations of Don Carbon was designed by Tania. She even designed Don Carbon himself. She said the best answer she has for why he is upside down is that it catches people’s attention.

“Don Carbon is like this cool chicken from El Paso he’s probably single and he probably speaks Spanish and English and he’s not American and he’s not Mexican he’s just a guy from El Paso. And he goes to the gym and he eats healthy,” said Tania Peregrino.

Artwork by Tania Peregrino hanging in Don Carbon.

Tania’s father and mother are the presidents of the company but it takes the whole family to run the now seven locations.

“My brother he’s a culinary artist, he’s 21 but he’s so like passionate about food that he’s bringing a lot of insights and new ideas. And my Grandma is a supervisor at one of the restaurants and she’s amazing and my aunts they make the desserts,” said Tania Peregrino.

Newest Don Carbon located at 7990 Gateway East Blvd

Some people in the community say the newest Don Carbon location is more centrally located.

“This is like really central you know close to the freeway cause before we were also going to the one on Zaragosa and it’s a little bit far but this one is like really convenient for us,” said Claudia Retana an El Pasoan.

The Peregrino family is not stopping they plan to open another location in North East El Paso.

For more information and locations visit https://www.doncarbonrestaurant.com/.