LAS CRUCES, NM (KTSM) – The Governor of New Mexico signed an executive order on Monday to protect patients from other states that get an abortion in New Mexico and the providers that offer reproductive care to out-of-state patients.

“If your not fighting for protection in women’s rights and the rights for every person’s privacy, protection and due process then you are putting yourself in a position where whatever the climate is you endangering and imperiling,” said Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham during Mondays press conference. “It’s still shocking frankly that we are having this conversation but we will not further imperil the rights and access points of anyone in the State of New Mexico.”

The order states that the Governor of New Mexico will decline a request from another state to issue warrants against someone who has a criminal violation related to providing reproductive care.

In addition, the order directs State employees and officers, appointees, or anyone on behalf of the state to not assist in an investigation by another state into reproductive healthcare in the State of New Mexico.

As for those providers who give out-of-state patients, the Governors Executive Order directs the New Mexico Superintendent of Regulation and licensing to work with boards in developing policies so no provider will lost their license or be disciplined for providing reproductive care in the State of New Mexico.

 “As long as I’m Governor, everyone in the state of New Mexico will be protected, out-of-state residents seeking access will be protected, providers will be protected, and abortion is, and will continue to be legal, safe and accessible,” said Lujan.

Planned Parenthood for New Mexico saying this will allow people from other states to get care in New Mexico.

“The Executive order from Governor Lujan Grisham was a continuation of the work that New Mexico has been doing for generations around respecting and honoring a patients ability to make their own medical decisions and what the order does is it protects providers so that they may be able to continue to do the compassionate, comprehensive abortion care that they do and so that patients from New Mexico and out of state area able to come to New Mexico and get the care that they need,” said Kayla Herring the Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, New Mexico, Colorado, Southern Nevada and Wyoming.

Adding that both Massachusetts and Minnesota have had similar executive orders signed.

“New Mexico was the third state today to issue an executive order of this kind and I know there’s conversations in lots other states of what we can do in the states that we cover that abortion access is safe and legal and that providers will be safe in providing that care,” said Herring.

People in El Paso having mixed feelings about the Executive order.

“I’m happy to hear that women in El Paso will have options when it comes to their reproductive rights and their reproductive healthcare, and I just hope that there are some nonprofit organizations that can help with travel fees so that women can travel across the Texas, New Mexico Border,” said Ainsley Escobar.

“I have very mixed feelings about that usually if it’s necessary in needed then I believe, if it’s necessary and needed. But if you’re just having some fun I feel like people can be a little more responsible with what they’re doing at the same time because everybody deserves life,” said Brandon Duarte.

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