EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Governor Greg Abbott has said that the Democrat party no longer represents the values of the people in South Texas saying the Democrats are missing the mark on quite a few issues, including border security.

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In an exclusive interview, Governor Abbott talked about Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen who just last week moved from the Democrat party into the Republican party. Abbott saying, at the news conference in which Guillen made the switch, that the move was proof that people were growing frustrated with the DNC’s “radical ideology, failing border policies and over-reaching mandates.” Governor Abbott also explained his statement regarding the policies of the Democrat party,

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“What I was saying was actually just a repeat that was actually said by a Democrat State Representative in the Rio Grande Valley who switched to the Republican party earlier this week and those were his words. He said that the values of the Democrat party in South Texas really no longer represents the needs of the people in South Texas. Because the people of South Texas they do want border security not open border policies. The people of South Texas they do want to support their police officers, they do believe in their 2nd amendment rights and the list goes on. The progressive ideology that the Democrat party has adopted is inconsistent with the needs of the people who live in South Texas.”

Governor Greg Abbott

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Governor Abbott’s campaign said they have more cash on hand than any other statewide candidate in Texas history, with more than $55 million dollars.