EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) –  Governor Greg Abbott released a new ad series in which he showed a montage of clips from Beto O’Rourke’s presidential campaign talking about where the former El Paso Congressman stands on certain issues.
In an exclusive interview, Governor Abbott talked about the video and said that Beto already showcased his vision for Texas while he was on the Presidential campaign he dropped out of back in 2019.

Exclusive: Gov. Greg Abbott talks TX border wall, shipping containers, razor wire “Biden refuses to enforce immigration laws”

“Beto articulated his vision when he ran for the United States Presidency. He talked about defunding our police and we’ve seen the chaos wherever that’s happened. He was the strongest advocate for these open border policies. He was an advocate for the Green New Deal that would kill hundreds of thousands of good paying energy related jobs in the state of Texas. The policies that Beto articulated when he was running for President would be a disaster for the state of Texas and they’re hostile to Texas values.”

Governor Greg Abbott

Gov. Abbott then talked about what he would continue to do for the Lone Star state if re-elected, focusing on jobs, police and border security,

“The first thing that I will continue to do is to keep Texas the economic engine of the United States by continuing to bring in more businesses and create more jobs. In just the past two months for example, Texas has added more than 150,000 new jobs. But also I will focus on public safety and that means funding our police rather than defunding our police, and then in addition to what I’m doing on securing the Southern border. Listen we are focusing on something that I hear about as I crisscross the entire state of Texas and that is when it comes to educating our children, parents matter. And parents need to have a greater say that needs to be respected by our schools about what our children are being taught.”

Gov. Greg Abbott
Exclusive: Gov. Greg Abbott talks El Paso, job growth “Texas will remain the economic engine of the U.S. “

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