Exclusive: Emmitt Smith H.O.F. NFL All Time Leading Rusher talks best advice he’s gotten in life


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) –  Hall of Famer and the NFL’s all time leading rusher, Emmitt Smith, made a stop in the Sun City on Saturday. Smith was the honored guest at an event hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The Cowboy’s legend sat down for an Exclusive interview with Christina Aguayo, who was the host of the 31st Annual Fiesta Celebration.

Smith talked about some of the obstacles he’s faced both on and off the field and some of the difficult decisions he had to make as he climbed the ladder of success, including leaving people behind.

The former Running Back also talked about being impacted by different people in his life, including his father who told him at a young age to keep everything he had, something he said he didn’t understand at the time,

“Some of the best advice my father gave me when I became a Cowboy he said, keep everything that you have, because you never know your place in history. Now I’m turning 21 years old, you’ll never know your place in history but keep everything that you have.

So every touchdown I scored I kept the touchdown football, so when you end up with 164 and you become the all time leading touchdown rusher, and when you have a coach like Dwight Thomas because it’s only a dream until you right it down and then it will become a true goal. And you end up with 18,355 yards, and your goal is to become the all time leading rusher in 13 years.

You look back and you reflect and you come to realize that your life isn’t not necessarily your life. God blessed me with a talent, and that talent is for all you to enjoy. He also gave me the ability to have influence on others and to utilize it in the most wise way that I can. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. Don’t judge me because of my mistakes because you have to look at your own mistakes in order to recognize my mistakes.”

Emmitt Smith

The former Running Back also said that once he entered the business world, he had to prove himself, but quickly realized some businesses are un-necessarily greedy,

“When I see major companies trying to steal technology from smaller companies, when I see major companies trying to limit smaller companies from being successful. When you got a billion dollar contract and they got 90% of the contract and they try to squash the 10% of the small minority business. It is straight up evil. You’re being greedy.

Now I understand what being greedy is all about, because when we won our first Super Bowl, I didn’t want anyone else to win a Super Bowl. I understand. But here’s the thing. We had to compete physically for it. And they had to beat us for it. If you earn the right to make it to the Super Bowl, then you had to compete. So when the Buffalo Bills say they’re mad at me they hate the Cowboys, because we beat them in two Super Bowls I say no, we didn’t beat ya’ll. Ya’ll beat yourself, Ya’ll turned the ball over seven times in two Super Bowls. So you gave us seven opportunities. Again the ball is the most important thing on the football field. When you turn it over seven times, you’re not supposed to win.”

Emmitt Smith

Exclusive: Hall of Fame Running Back Emmitt Smith talks life after the game

The conversation with Smith wrapped up with a little Cowboys football and Smiths predictions for the season,

“Here’s what I think about our Dallas Cowboys. I think we’re very talented. I think we have a tremendous opportunity to go further than we have in the last 20 years. But here’s my concern, my concern is this. The Cowboys, I need to see over the next four to five weeks, and I was looking for this as we came out of the bye. But unfortunately last week took me back a little bit.

What I was looking for was the Cowboys to improve upon some of the mistakes turnovers and penalties we’ve been having over the last six seven games. So with execution, leads to almost perfection. You won’t be perfect in the game, but if you are damn near perfect there isn’t a team in the league that can compete with our guys. You have an offense that can produce 30 to 40 points a game, if we produce 30 to 40 points a game, we’re there.”

Emmitt Smith

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