EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) –  United States Congressman Tony Gonzales says that the plan to give migrants, who were separated at the border during the Trump-Era ‘no tolerance policy’, $450,000 is the wrong approach.

Earlier this week President Biden said that the report on the discussions to make the large settlement payments to the migrants was “a garbage report” and it was “not going to happen.” However, the White House walked back the President’s statements saying they would be willing to settle with the migrants out of court.

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According to Congressman Gonzales, who represents a portion of El Paso County the plan, which could potentially cost taxpayers upwards of $1 billion, sets a dangerous precedent.

“It is the wrong approach. The entire immigration system is broken completely and instead of trying to reform a legal immigration process, instead of taking the energy and putting it into doing that, they are focused on settlements of astronomical numbers. $450,000 per person one million per family. Americans don’t get those types of resources. Its the wrong approach. And what’s dangerous is this is going to set a precedent gong forward. If this administration thought that Trump policies were bad. They should look at their own policies. You know how many people have died due to Biden’s failed policies? 557 migrants have perished during this dangerous treck. So I go back to it. We need, the administration and congress needs to come together and have a long term solution that secures our border and has a legal immigration reform system that works. So those people that want to come and live the American dream, they have that opportunity to do it. We absolutely need to know who’s coming into our country but there needs to be a legal process for them, right now there isn’t so right now they are forced to go down this illegal route and the administration is encouraging them to do that.”

Congressman Tony Gonzales

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