EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A local ethics expert is taking issue with the planned ‘Open Texas’ rally slated for Downtown El Paso on Saturday.

Organized on Facebook, the demonstration will call on elected officials to “safely reopen” the Sun City and put people back to work.

“I know these organizers (of the event) and the people who want to attend the rally feel as everyone does, that we want the economy back open,” said Ruby Montana, an ethics and philosophy professor at El Paso Community College and UTEP lecturer.

“I know the struggles are very real for a lot of people,” Montana said. “However, the organizers are not, by any means, any type of medical experts.”

Earlier in the week, the man behind the rally, Sammy Carrejo, told KTSM that social distancing would be encouraged at the event and that the rally was meant to bring about a “conversation” between opposing sides.

“I am all about my students voicing their opinions and speaking out against those things that are wrong,” Montana said. “However, this goes beyond giving someone’s personal opinion; this goes beyond exercising freedom of speech.”

“In fact, the great philosopher John Stuart Mill specifically said something that I think is perfect to this,” Montana told KTSM. “He said, ‘The only good reason for limiting somebody’s individual liberty is to prevent harm to others.'”