EL PASO, TEXAS (KTSM) – El Paso Water intends to prioritize its system reliability, customer service and the city’s future water supply, by offering assistance on how to conserve water, according to an electronic newsletter sent out by the utility.

Affordability for low-income customers and seniors is always at the core of discussion when debating changes in rates and fees, according to the newsletter. Due to this, they are offering several affordability options to their customers. According to the newsletter, “Partnerships with local non-profit organizations such as, Project Bravo and Amistad, has led to about 5,700 customers receiving bill-paying assistance totaling more than $1.6 million in 2022.”

The following partnerships are available:

Project Bravo has a program created under ARPA called the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program, which provides relief assistance to homeowners and renters whose services were terminated or received notification of a shutoff.

EP Water, in collaboration with Project Amistad on the AguaCares program, offers aid, money management and conservation services to low-income elderly customers struggling to pay their water and wastewater bills.

Photo: EP Water Conservation Currents

Aside from this, EP Water reminds the public that conservation saves money. According to the newsletter, “The water supply replacement charge is waived for customers who use less than 2,990 gallons of water monthly.”

The newsletter states, “Starting in March, the waiver amount will increase to $14.04. This amount will be removed from your bill if your water usage falls below the threshold. Also, an increased water volume of 3,740 gallons will be included in the monthly minimum charge. This will result in an estimated 18,000 customers who may save $6 a month.”

According to the newsletter, EP water wants to reward customers who understand the value of conserving water and encourages customers to attend their TecH2O Learning Center landscape workshops and sign up for Conservation Currents newsletter with seasonal tips.