EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – For years, El Pasoans have begged restaurant chain The Cheesecake Factory to open a location here in the Borderland. That request still has yet to come to fruition but one local shop has decided to take matters into their own hands to provide delicious cheesecake.

The Just Cheesecake Outlet opened its doors to El Paso over a month ago and has become an outlet for those looking for a delicious treat. Owner Brian Harris decided to open up after seeing how popular the dessert was at his former restaurant.

With an already established dessert menu stemming from a family recipe, there are 12 cheesecakes for customers to choose from along with some other sweet treats and coffee.

“We noticed that Cheesecake Factory didn’t come to El Paso for whatever reason and we saw it as an opportunity to bring cheesecake, different flavors, different desserts, to El Paso, just as a I won’t say a filler but we just saw the opportunity that the customers wanted something like that,” Harris said.

The Just Cheesecake Outlet is located inside the EatUp food hall in Downtown El Paso, 404 Arizona Ave.

Harris believed that is the perfect spot to open his doors since it allows him to see how people respond to his shop and that the food hall is the perfect starting point.

“It’s like a food court-style operation with a small footprint. We can come in, and do what we need to do in terms of just serving the customer and taking the product, put it together and serving the customer,” Harris said.

So far, Harris has said the response has been positive for the Just Cheesecake Outlet. With that momentum, he would like to open in similar food court-style environments.

“We’re not really ready for an entire building, you know brick and mortar, but if we can find something similar to this a food court-style environment, we can put something like this in there,” Harris said.