EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) Chants of “my body, my choice” could be heard in San Jacinto plaza all evening on Friday.

El Pasoans holding signs that read “reproductive rights are human rights” and “keep your policies off my body” among countless more.

 “Every single woman I know including myself has either had an abortion or knows somebody who has,” said protester Lydia Monteen.

 “I have a lot of access to channels that if I really needed to get an abortion I could probably get one. I think for me today means more about making sure those people who don’t have that same amount of privilege have access to abortion, contraception whatever that may be,” said protester Catherine Gailey.

 “Support the women here in Texas because I am terrified for the women that I know and the women that I don’t know, and the ones who just found out their pregnant and the women who don’t yet know that they’re pregnant and don’t have an option to have an abortion,” said protester Sonia Hering.

“So many complications if you don’t have access to a doctor and you’re trying to DIY this at home,” said protester Jules Castillo.

A counter protester showed up during the protest but was pushed out of the plaza by protesters as they shouted at one another.

“I’m not disagreeing, can I ask you a question,” said the counter-protester as a group of protesters with signs gathered around him chanting.

“you don’t know what happens to our body, do you even know how it is to conceive a child,” yelled one protester.

“You are arguing with a government thing which is a federal law it doesn’t affect state laws,” the counter-protest said.

“And if they’re affecting your rights your going to fight for it aren’t you, yelled back another protester.

The protest began at 7 p.m. and protesters could still be seen after 10 p.m. chanting and holding signs in Downtown.

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