UPDATE: Lynnette Martinez was found in the Austin area and is with authorities, her mother shared on Facebook Sunday afternoon.

Rosie Galvan, Lynette’s mother confirmed with KTSM Sunday, stating that Lynette is safe but has not spoken to her. No further information has been released.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Lynnette Martinez from El Paso has been missing since March 25 after traveling to San Antonio to attend a UFC match.

Lynnette was reportedly staying with a friend in the Alamo city during her time there. The night of the fight, Lynnette told her friend she was going to meet up with someone prior to the match. She said that the individual promised her that she would be introduced to prominent officials within the UFC.

As a well-known wrestler herself in the Borderland, Lynnette’s mother Rosie Galvan said this is not uncommon for her to receive those kinds of offers.

“She is in the spotlight a lot because of the industry she is involved in wrestling Lucha Libre at one point she was trying to get into the WWE so it’s not uncommon for her to be around that kind of crowd or people so for us it’s pretty normal that she’d go to these big events.” said Galvan.

Later that night, Lynnette’s friend said she had not returned home. She texted Lynnette asking if she needed a ride home.

Lynnette answered back saying that she was okay and that the people she was with will drop her off. Sunday morning then came along and she had still not arrived home.

Galvan said that they waited until 10 p.m. Sunday night to see if Lynnette would contact them and if not, they would go to the authorities. By that time, she was still missing, and Lynnette’s friend and Galvan contacted the San Antonio Police Department.

Throughout the time they tried calling Lynnette, her phone was reportedly turned off. However, it was turned on for a brief time and a call was made to Lynnette’s friend.

The friend said there was a male voice at the other end of the call, but they immediately hung up. That call was then traced to Austin, Texas where authorities are now assisting in the search.

Lynnette’s family along with Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, Austin police and the FBI are doing what they can to locate her. Galvan is hoping that by getting the word out about Lynnette’s disappearance, someone will come forward.

“Somebody has to know something as far as who she was meeting who this person is who was promising her to introduce her to these people or give her these tickets at this point its getting really hard to stay positive but we are staying positive because my daughter is definitely a fighter.” said Galvan.

Lynnette’s family is asking for assistance in locating her. If you or someone you know has any information about her whereabouts, contact the Bexar County Sheriff’s office.

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