El Paso Water launches process that turns F.O.G into fuel


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – El Paso, the leader of Water and Resource Recovery in the nation, is adding a new approach to its system.

El Paso water announced it’s now piloting a process that turns fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.) into energy.

Alan Shubert, the El Paso Water VP for Technical Services told KTSM, the process would help reduce the amount of used kitchen oil and grease that end up in sewers and landfills.

“F.O.G. is fog, fats, oils and greases, normal kitchen waste that happens in either restaurant and in your own kitchen we ask everybody please don’t dispose of that in the sewer because it causes blockages and backups that make it difficult for our plants to treat,” said Shubert.

He explained F.O.G. contains properties that can be reused in multiple ways.

“It is a waste product but it has the potential to do other things, we’re piloting some processes where we’re putting it into our digests in our wastewater plant and as it breaks down it actually creates gas,” Shubert said.

The gas can be used in a positive way to make heat, steam and electricity.

El Paso Water told KTSM it has partnered with Texas A&M Agriculture life to advance the science of farming.

Shubert explained EP Water has begun using nutrients from the waste, to create a strong fertilizer that can be used on crops and yards at homes.

The process isn’t new but very few plants in the nation innovate it.

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