EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It’s been a long two years for the families of the 23 victims including the family of Jordan and Andre Anchondo, who have now made their baby boy a priority.

Lita Cuellar and Ashley Salazar are Jordan Anchondo’s younger sisters. They say she had a great relationship with Andre, who treated Jordan’s two daughters as his own.

“As they get older and they’re gonna know the sacrifice that they made for Paulito but as parents,” said Lita Cuellar.

To them, it was not a surprise to learn that the couple died shielding baby Paul.

“But knowing that they died protecting them we wouldn’t hear anything less than those parents we knew that they would, of course, take a bullet for any of their kids,” said Cuellar.

Tito Anchondo remembers his brother Andre and sister-in-law by honoring their memory when he’s with his baby Paul. But he said his family just like others in El Paso need to remain strong.

“We live it every single day, August 3 is still something that has impacted our lives or business or friendships with people, and we just need to keep staying positive, you know, that’s the key if we, if we start feeling sorry about it. Then we let that guy win,” said Tito Anchondo.

As an uncle, he is determined to keep the memory of his brother and dad alive by sharing what he’s learned from them with baby Paul.

“I have to understand him as a person, and then have him understand who his dad and his grandpa were. And I just think that takes it’s over the years like him learning who they were, and the lessons that they taught us,” said Anchondo.

Jordan’s sisters said it’s the community’s support that helped the family through the tragedy.

“I know we haven’t been in a lot of these events, it’s just we were dealing with personal stuff too. But we do see it. We do read everything we see, every encouraging thought and everything that people say,” said Ashley Salazar.

They said they’ll keep the couple’s memory alive by sharing stories about them and letting the children know how much Jordan and Andre loved them.