EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — During the difficult days following the Walmart shooting, KTSM wanted to provide a platform for our community to grieve and heal with what we’re most familiar with – a camera and a microphone.

On the corner near the makeshift Walmart memorial site, El Pasoans and visitors from across the world were invited to speak what weighed most on their hearts.

“I just want to thank everyone that came out supporting everyone here in El Paso and I’m so heartbroken for everybody and their families that lost a loved one. Hopefully, Congress and the President himself thinks about what is going on in this world all this mental illness is a joke to me. There’s no such thing as mental illness, this is an act of terrorism.”

“My name is Mira. First of all, I ask the Lord for the people who are hospitalized, for the brothers were going through this hard time in their lives, for the family members of the fallen, for the family members of the hospitalized, for the families of those who have been discharged and are now back home. First of all, I’d like to thank God because it could’ve been me or my family, that’s why this touches my heart. One nation united, one city united, I come from Puerto Rico with lots of love for my brothers. Not only El Pasoans but those in Ohio. Lord thank you, thank you for giving us this opportunity to express ourselves. Please, Lord, give us the courage to move forward and all together will continue being strong with love. We also thank our first responders, policeman, firefighters, ICE, and to everyone who prevented us from getting worse. Lastly, Lord, I ask you for the person who did this — he has a family, a mother, a father. Lord have mercy on him for El Paso Strong as ever, more united than ever from Puerto Rico with love.”