El Pasoans react to re-opening of Cielo Vista Walmart and memorial

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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Three months after the August third shooting, the Cielo Vista Walmart will open on November 14th. The retailer announced along with its reopening date, an unveiling of a planned memorial for the 22 victims.

KTSM spoke with El Pasoans at the Cielo Vista Walmart Memorial and received mixed emotions, on the reopening and its memorial.

“The Walmart is here to stay, so we’re just going to have to do our best and move on,” said Nathan Tomas.

The memorial will be on the south end of the parking lot, visible from I-10. It will contain 22 aluminum structures, one for each victim lost, grouped together to look like a 30-foot candle.

El Pasoans said they are grateful for the memorial, but some believe the reopening is too soon.

“I think it’s nice and well deserved, I do think they should be doing some kind of display or something that should be commemorating the victims. I just think the opening is way too soon,” said Adam Perea.

Other El Pasoans say they’re ready to take back their store from the violence.

“El Paso is known for being one of the safest cities so I hope they can approach it with ease and calmness. I mean it’s a Walmart, and it provides all your needs and your wants, I just hope they can find peace and be the city of El Paso that it is,” said Rojelio Muniz.

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