EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – President Biden can now end Migrant Protection Protocols also known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy after the Supreme Courts ruling on Thursday.

The Former President Trump era policy made it so people from Central America coming to the United States to seek asaluym had to wait in Mexico until their court date.

The director of Annunciation House which works to shelter migrants says the migrants will now be able to be in the United States during their immigration process which he says is safer.

“By having them remain in Mexico then expose them to all kinds of threats all kinds of dangers, there’s tons of documentation as to what happens to the refugees so this is going to allow those individuals to enter and to continue their immigration process from inside the United States,” Ruben Garcia the Director for Annunciation House.

Adding that the shelters in the area are prepared to handle the number of people expected to come to El Paso when the “remain in Mexico” policy is lifted.

“We really are not expecting any significant number and whatever increase may result from the end of “MPP” and allowing people to come in. The network of hospitality sites that we have been able to put together is more than able to handle that,” said Garcia.

However, he says the lifting of Title 42 would be a different story.

“If and when and you notice I use the word if Title 42 is ever lifted there you will see a significant increase in the number of individuals that will be coming in,” said Garcia.

However, El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego says he met with El Paso Border Patrol Chief Gloria Chavez and they are expecting large numbers of people trying to cross once Biden lifts the policy.

“I talked to Chief Chavez and she sees that it could be extremely not manageable like we’d like for it to manage, we’ve always done such a great job with law enforcement everybody cooperating so were really hoping that President Biden sort of gives us a break on it and says maybe slowly open up or tell us when. If he says it will be done August or whatever we can prepare even more if he says today he says it’s been lifted then it’s going to be a difficult situation,” said Samaniego.

Saying there are thousands of people on the Mexican side of the border waiting to cross and that the ports of entry may get hit hard.

“They can show up and then they can introduce the fact that they need amnesty. Unfortunately, when it backs up at the port it doesn’t make sense to them so they’ll go to the border. You’ll remember a couple of years back people were lining up at the border and we have to take them. And if there are people from Mexico they can’t participate they have to go back,’ said Samaniego.

Samaniego talking about the increase in border crossings El Paso saw about two months ago as talks of Title 42 were expected to be lifted but were not.

Saying during that time there were 4,200 people at the detention center, which only holds 2,000.

“We’re preparing for Title 42 being lifted so we started preparing a processing center and preparing for another shelter and things started slowing down but now we have this situation the Migrant Protection Protocols which is pretty similar were going to have maybe the same amount of people coming through and this would be Central America,” said Samaniego.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a statement about the Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday.

“The Supreme Court’s decision upholding DHS’s termination of the Remain-in-Mexico policy will only embolden the Biden Administration’s open border policies. More than fifty people recently died in a trailer—people who were allowed to cross our border illegally because of President Biden’s policies. Reinstating and fully enforcing Remain-in-Mexico would deter thousands more migrants from making that deadly trek, and President Biden should take that simple step to secure the border because it is the only humane thing to do.”

Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas (R)

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