El Paso Police Chief addresses viral incident involving officer


El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen broke his silence on the viral incident involving an officer and a group of South-Central El Paso children last weekend.

As KTSM previously reported, Officer Jose Rios was captured pointing his gun at a group of children after they crowded around him yelling obscenities while he was making an arrest.

According to Allen, an expedited investigation is currently being conducted by the department’s internal affairs division.

Allen says the findings from the investigation will be presented to a discipline review board, which is composed of five members of the police department and five civilians.

Allen will then make the final determination, which will be shared with the public.

Allen also addressed the affidavit for the teenager, Julian Saucedo, 17, who was arrested during the video, and how it did not include the officer’s weapons.

“The officer’s actions are not part of that affidavit,” he said. “The reference of his weapon not being included in the affidavit do not pertain to that particular document because the facts of the affidavit only pertain to the person being arrested.”

As KTSM reported, the affidavit indicates that Saucedo was arrested for not getting on the sidewalk.

Allen says the officer’s weapons are included in a general police report, which documents the entire incident.

The details of the investigation will be released upon its completion; check back with KTSM for updates.

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