El Paso physical therapy center focuses on imbalance prevention


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — An El Paso physical therapy and balance center is helping remedy imbalance disorders through cutting edge technology and proven techniques.

Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center is providing El Pasoans with programs to help balances their lives out again. Focuses include balance therapy, concussion and vestibular therapy, and dizziness.

Melissa Buter, a client of Fyzical, shares that her imbalance issues stopped her from enjoying hobbies like gardening and walking her dog.

“I had severe concussions before and so I was always very dizzy, and I would always have a hard time walking sometimes… because I couldn’t feel my feet very well or I couldn’t tell if I was standing straight or not,” says Butler.

Through a series of sessions at Fyzical, she was able to improve her quality of life. She doesn’t regret her decision to partake in therapy because the alternative would have been another prescription medication.

“I actually tried getting into physical therapy before, but I had doctors that didn’t believe in it. And when I finally got in and worked with them, it was lifechanging,” says Butler.

While imbalance disorders are not uncommon in any one demographic, the elderly community often experiences imbalance due to aging systems; Every 19 minutes an older adult dies from a fall.

The center suggests that balance and walking systems rely on a complex number of body systems — inner ear, eyes and joint-muscle-nerve.

“As vision starts to slowly go down as well as hearing, it all rolls into making them at higher risk for falling,” says Denise Campbell, owner of Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center (El Paso and Las Cruces.)

Falling, however, is avoidable.

Kennen Bitton, a physical therapist at Fyzical, works with a handful of clients with different needs, on a daily basis.

“So its also very important to know that once you’ve fallen, it’s possible to come and recover and then be even better than you were before. As well on the opposite side of the spectrum where you can prevent falling before it even happens,” says Bitton.

Bitton adds that while some clients are hesitant to take the leap, therapy has greatly improved their quality of life in more ways than one.

As the fifth highest personal healthcare expense in the U.S., fall-related medical bills could cost up to $30,000.

The center uses advanced technology to better assess patients, identifying their personal needs in an effort to provide relevant treatment.

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