EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – While migrants continue crossing the border despite Title 42 in place, officials are doing everything they can to prevent the surge, which leads to overcrowded streets in downtown El Paso 

Since last week, members of the Texas Army National Guard have been setting up barriers alongside the border wall, west of the Paso del Norte port of entry.

Although the barbed wire and fencing has been extended, and shipping containers added to the barriers, migrants continue to make their way into the city; some have been seen cutting holes through the fence to enter. 

Carlos Rivera Public Affairs spokesperson for the Border Patrol says as migrants are trying to seek asylum, residents should avoid them.

“As we know, criminal organizations are taking advantage of this migrant influx, they’re attempting to smuggle migrants, we’ve seen them try to cross border highways. So the first thing  I would ask the public to do is to not expose themselves, to not open the door, especially if the migrants or anybody are knocking on the door at 2 in the morning. You know, asking for help,”  Rivera said.   

Additionally, Rivera urges the public to not fall for the tricks and trade of the transnational criminal organization since they are only interested in profiting and exploding people. 

According to CBP, 106,000 migrants have been encountered in the first two months of this fiscal year.

First Sergeant Suzanne Ringle, Public Affairs spokesperson for Operation Lonestar, says the Texas Army National Guard is prepared for any mishaps. Soldiers, alongside Humvees, are lined up along the banks of the Rio Grande.

“The fence of this barrier runs about a mile, it’s triple strands so it just depends on exactly which way you are where you are going, on how far, it doesn’t go much past this here near the wall which is near the point of entry for the first main entrance,” First Sgt. Ringle said.   

On Wednesday, December 28. Migrants were seen protesting outside of the El Paso County Courthouse for inhumane treatment with crosses and signs with Title 42 written on them.

As for shelter once they’re here, Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino said in a meeting that there are approximately 496 migrants staying in the Convention Center. 

Adding, there could possibly be another surge of migrants coming through the borders.

“We’ve been seeing an average for the past couple of weeks about 300 a day, that’s the impact of title 42 , but we do know there is a large number of people in Juarez that are waiting for title 42 to be lifted, so that does bring concern to that,”  

D’Agostino says, for now the city will continue to do all the efforts, such as providing transportation if it’s either buses or the airport for the migrants trying to get to their destination.

As for the people still sleeping out in the streets and not seeking to be in a shelter, those are the ones the city is having difficulties with. 

Those growing crowds are the reason crews have been cleaning up the to keep the health and safety for the community in the City of El Paso.   

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