El Paso Judge Bonnie Rangel seen in bizarre video on IMDB


A bizarre online video surfaced late Tuesday night depicting District Court Judge Bonnie Rangel in what appears to be a fictitious television show, “Judge Bonnie’s Court.”

Rangel has been the sitting judge in El Paso’s 171st District Court since 2010. She told KTSM the video was created to explore the possibility of launching a TV show similar to “Judge Judy.” Rangel said the video, which she began working on in 2011 or 2012, did not go anywhere.  She said she does not know why the video has resurfaced.

“This was a retirement plan that has not been successful,” Rangel said.  “It’s a little embarrassing that my plan has not been successful.”

The nearly 4-minute long video begins with Judge Rangel driving a car and being involved in a car crash.The video then cuts to her on the bench in a fictitious court case involving a minor.  In the case, the girl asks for her parents to pay for her birth control. Judge Rangel appears to counsel the parents.

 “Mom and Dad, let’s do this. Let’s show her video of a birth with a vagina that’s stretching to the size of a watermelon,” Rangel said in the video. “We can show her pictures of penises oozing with puss due to a sexually transmitted disease. These are the possible consequences of having sex, sweetheart.”

Rangel said she is not worried about reaction to the video. She believes it’s true to how she counsels from the bench.

“It’s real life lessons I was trying to portray about 13-year-old kids having sex,” Rangel said.  “These are consequences. I provide visual and real life consequences that hit home.”

Rangel, who is out of town and unavailable for an on-camera interview said, she is surprised the video is making the rounds on social media.

“What caught me by surprise is that my retirement plan gone awry is newsworthy,” she said.  “I’m looking to invest in real estate now.  Will that be newsworthy, too?”


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